My passion in life is gardening and specifically growing flowers from seed

Month: March, 2015


After 10 days on holiday in Madeira and away from the garden I was eager to get going again. I have been unable to sow many seeds til now as I wouldn’t have been able to water them when I was away.

Today my delphiniums came in the post so I was able to get them potted on this afternoon. My 6 little sweet peas were due to be repotted as well. I have sown a tray of wild cornflowers in the greenhouse and some apparently deliciously scented stock in my propagator.

Picture for today is a camellia and primulas  


Busy in the garden 

I’ve had a busy few hours in the garden this week. Every time I go out there seems to be more to tidy up so I’ve been doing that yet again. Surely I must be done with that now.

Some plants – alstroemerias came in the post today, much earlier than planned. Anyway the soil isn’t warm enough for them yet do I have put them in pots in the greenhouse for now.

We’ve also transplanted 2 pretty pink hellebores from pots into the garden.

Every time I go into the garden I notice something different. Our camellias have started flowering in the past few days. One of my dianthus in the greenhouse had buds on it too.

Lastly a little picture of the few purple crocus we have in the garden.

Orchids and butterflies trip

While this blog is mostly about my garden I do love visiting other gardens too. This weekend mum and I went to Kew Gardens and RHS Wisley on  a coach trip. 

Kew Gardens is huge and we hardly saw any of it in the time we had. We did, however, see the orchids in one of the greenhouses and they were amazing. Here is a selection of my pictures. 

I loved visiting Wisley the next day and seeing the butterflies in the hothouse however they were very difficult to take pictures of but I do have some of the rest of the  the garden til my phone run out of battery.  Anyway here is a few pictures.

Dwarf daffodils 

Just a short post today with the dwarf daffodil pictures in my garden. It’s the first year I have grown these and they are actually shorter than I expected but cute. For information they are called dwarf daffodils tete a tete.