My passion in life is gardening and specifically growing flowers from seed

Month: March, 2016

Happy Easter 

Easter weekend is often a weekend filled with gardening here, however, not this year. I did a little weeding on Friday but certainly won’t be going outside today. Rain, thunder, lightning and it’s windy. Certainly not gardening weather! 

However, we have quite a bit in flower at the moment including this camellia 

So, if you read my recent blog about my seed sowing in the propagator, I can tell you that all 12 sweet peas came up and have hit the roof of the propagator now. Not sure I wanted that many but I sowed them assuming they wouldn’t all come up! 

Seed sowing 

It’s a dry day here in northwest England for a a change and having recently cleaned my pots and trays I decided to sow some seeds. The first of quite a few. I was given them both free with my gardeners world magazine and unlike my normal habit I’ve sown 2 per nodule in the hope I will get a good success rate. My friend has done very badly with free seeds from magazines so that is my reasoning for sowing more than normal.

It’s sweet peas and cosmos so far and both are now installed in their electric propagator.

Last years sweet peas while lovely and the scent amazing didn’t read the packet and therefore were much larger than expected and outgrew the support I gave them. I have been investigating better and taller support systems but yet to buy anything.

My next job is to transplant 2 of my dahlias to new pots as one has bust it’s pot and the other is not deep enough.

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More posts and pictures soon. 

Snow in March 

So I thought Spring was on its way with the bulbs coming up and plants recovering from a not very cold winter (that’s not a complaint, I don’t like extremes of temperature, whether hot or cold) but today I wake up to snow. Fortunately it’s only on the garden where I live and not the paths or driveway. 

A couple of pictures of the mixed seasons:


Rode Hall

Last week we had an afternoon outing to Rode Hall which is past Congleton. It’s basically an old house and lovely big garden. They were doing what they call the ‘snowdrop walk’ which I think finishes this Saturday. It was very pretty, we were a bit later in going so the hellebores (my favourite winter flower) was out too. It was a cold but dry day and I did enjoy it. I took a few pictures which are below but sadly my camera ran out of battery so not as many as I would have liked.