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Wordless Wednesday – alstroemeria

Wordless Wednesday- more autumn colour

Wordless Wednesday- hesperantha

Wordless Wednesday – autumn colour

Wordless Wednesday- gerbera


For the complete lack of blogging recently. I’ve been very busy working and not in the garden come to that, although I have done most of my tidying up jobs. Just a few left and the dahlias to bring into the greenhouse (which I haven’t even got round to cleaning yet). Here is a picture of Calicarpa currently flowering in my garden. I think this is its best year yet. In the background is a dogwood

Wordless Wednesday – Acer in the sun

Autumn in my garden 2018

So I think autumn has officially arrived and I couldn’t believe how cold it was yesterday when I got up, in fact although it was bright and sunny all day it never warmed up.

I am now working 2 part time office type jobs and so getting out into the garden is more challenging with less time and the poor weather occurring on my days off! However, I’ve had a few minutes this evening to see what’s going on and there are a few plants looking especially good at this moment in time. Firstly, an acer that lives in a pot, a new red cyclamen and red climbing roses. Lastly a persicara red dragon which has gone mad and mum is always looking to chop back or dispose of. I think there’s a bit of a red theme here and actually it’s one of my favourite colours so probably not surprising we have so much of it

Autumn colour at Tatton Park

Mum, Daddy and I had a little afternoon trip to Tatton Park this afternoon to see the autumn colours. I hadn’t been to the actual gardens for years, we often used to go when I was little and play hide-and-seek in the gardens with mum’s parents. We even have a picture of mum trying to climb a tree, I was never that way inclined!

It was a dull day but at least it kept dry even if it was a little muddy underfoot. We went to world-famous Japanese gardens restored in 2001 to look even better. Not much else was worth looking at really. I did get some nice pictures though – please see below