My passion in life is gardening and specifically growing flowers from seed

Month: May, 2017

Poppies – my favourite early summer flower 

Just a quick post about my favourite flower of this season the poppy. Theses are specifically the papaver – the perennial plant although I love the annuals and self sowen one too.

This year I bought a new red one to replace one that died last year. That is the first picture. The flowers are like paper and don’t last long but are lovely all the same and  an occasionally flower twice in the year if cut back and the weather is right!

The others are purple, orange, peach and white. All beautiful plants and so easy to look after. 

May update

It’s a lovely sunny and hot day in my South Manchester garden. The country is sad and shocked after what happened in Manchester (20 mins from me) on Monday night but I can always be cheered up by my garden.

There has been so much to do in my garden but I’m nearly there. I’ve probably spent about 8-9 hours in the past few weeks weeding and pulling out self sown forget-me-nots. I don’t know how we have so many!

I’ve planted into the borders the purple cornflower I grew from seed. They are lovely little plants. They each have a stick beside  in case they get too tall.

 I’ve moved my dahlias and tomatoes outside now and all other plants that overwinter in the greenhouse. It’s looking a big bare now. I have planted 15 white sweetpeas and 9 pink ones with lots of slug pellets.

Lots of things are either flowering or getting ready so here are a few of them. 

I also have some gorgeous heuchera which have flowers but really I grow them for the leaves. 


So these aren’t really my department after all if we all watered them they’d die by drowning, however, they do deserve their place here as they are plants and they cheer up the house. The last picture is of an avocado tree, daddy has been trying to grow these for years by planting the stone and we’ve never yet had a fruit and this particular tree is trying to take over it’s spot in the porch. It’s growing so fast I think you could watch it grow!

May in my garden 

What a lovely sunny and windy day for working in the garden, 22 miles per hour wind speed – Daddy is very interested in tracking our weather! 

But I have lots of sweet peas to plant and according to Monty Don from Gardeners World I should have already done this job. I couldn’t decide between pink or white so bought a pot of each and ended up with 30 plants. I then ordered a support frame online and when it came it was a kit of bits, not what I was expecting at all. Anyway, Daddy has got it in the ground, replacing the Acer tree that died last year, he did use his industrial strength drill to get through the roots. I also put some in a large pot and have the pink ones still to plant and a few to give to friends. I have also spread many slug pellets as I really don’t want them eating.

A few pictures of what’s flowering in my garden to finish and I’m slightly spoiled for choice as the garden is full of flower – especially forget me nots which self seed and my neighbour keeps forgetting the name of!

An amazing smelling lilac bush which has been in the garden for years. Mum threatened it with being dug out recently and I have been talking to it and encouraging it to flower and guess what it has!