My passion in life is gardening and specifically growing flowers from seed

Month: April, 2017

Quarry Bank Mill

Just a quick post to share pictures of a spring garden at Quarry Bank mill national trust property in Cheshire and less than 15 mins from my post. Despite this fact this is the first time I’ve actually driven there and I’ve been driving over 10 years. They have a lovely garden fairly recently restored and I’ll definitely be going again soon.

Daddy used to work at Apprentice house in the ’60s, the 1960s he likes to point out and not the 1860s as some people apparently think that’s when people last worked there. Grandma (daddy’s mum) also volunteered in the mill spinning and was there when I visited as a child with school.

April showers 

So yesterday I watered some of the garden and today while I write this blog it’s chucking it down with my washing outside and no I don’t want to bring it in as I’ll get soaked!

I have finally potted on my sweet peas although according to BBC gardeners world I should be planting them outside about now, which is fine but according to the weather forecast it could be cold at night so I think they are safer in the greenhouse for now, I have 30 little plants and I only really wanted about 10 but I couldn’t decide between pink or white so I bought them both! My seeds are doing pretty well – lots of cornflower, creamy yellow cosmos and zinnia have come up but so far no primrose, sweet William or white foxgloves. I think the latter may have been washed away. Such small seeds and I watered one day without the thing on the end of my watering can.

Last pictures of tulips today and I promise not to bore you anymore. They didn’t do as well as the expected sadly and I will be putting a numbe for pots worth into the ground shortly. The daffodils on pots continue to do well year after year so I will plant more of those next time. Also a picture of my wallflowers in pots and they smell lovely! 

My favourite tulip

Just a little post to end the week with my favourite tulip Jan Reus. I originally had 10 and now only 3 are still in my garden and sadly I can’t find them in the shops. I’ll keep looking and one day hopefully I’ll find them again. 

April in my garden 

I can’t believe it’s April all ready, time is flying so fast! There is much to be done in my garden – yet more tidying, weeding, grass cutting, seed sowing, planning if we need any more plants. That said, I don’t look after this garden alone. Well 4 gardens – I’ll try and explain more in a future blog. Anyway, we each have our areas of work. Daddy cuts grass, does heavy digging work if I can’t manage and have already attempted it and looks after the compost heaps. He also looks after the fruit trees although I usually pick the ripe fruit. Mum looks after bushes and cuts the lawn edges while I collect them. Me – I look after the flowers, sow seeds, weed, tidy, plant containers of which we have quite a number, water in the summer and whatever else hasn’t already been covered.

Oh and if you thought that’s all I do as there is so much listed I used to have a full time job and will hopefully again one day. I only actually spend maybe 5 hours a week out there between April and October and much less in the other months.

I also garden for my neighbour across the road at this time of year once a week. She has a lovely spring garden with much colour and scent at the moment, with primulas, muscari and daffodils flowering, 

I have some foxglove and cosmos seeds waiting to be sown but I need to buy my seed trays first. Last years were too flimsy to be reused. 

There is so much on flower right now in the garden so here are a few things I haven’t already shared. Some gorgeous new dark red tulips, muscari and a pieris. (I hope that’s how it’s spelt).