April in my garden 

by Wendy Syddall

I can’t believe it’s April all ready, time is flying so fast! There is much to be done in my garden – yet more tidying, weeding, grass cutting, seed sowing, planning if we need any more plants. That said, I don’t look after this garden alone. Well 4 gardens – I’ll try and explain more in a future blog. Anyway, we each have our areas of work. Daddy cuts grass, does heavy digging work if I can’t manage and have already attempted it and looks after the compost heaps. He also looks after the fruit trees although I usually pick the ripe fruit. Mum looks after bushes and cuts the lawn edges while I collect them. Me – I look after the flowers, sow seeds, weed, tidy, plant containers of which we have quite a number, water in the summer and whatever else hasn’t already been covered.

Oh and if you thought that’s all I do as there is so much listed I used to have a full time job and will hopefully again one day. I only actually spend maybe 5 hours a week out there between April and October and much less in the other months.

I also garden for my neighbour across the road at this time of year once a week. She has a lovely spring garden with much colour and scent at the moment, with primulas, muscari and daffodils flowering, 

I have some foxglove and cosmos seeds waiting to be sown but I need to buy my seed trays first. Last years were too flimsy to be reused. 

There is so much on flower right now in the garden so here are a few things I haven’t already shared. Some gorgeous new dark red tulips, muscari and a pieris. (I hope that’s how it’s spelt).