My passion in life is gardening and specifically growing flowers from seed

Month: May, 2019

First poppies

Every day in my garden at the moment something new is flowering, it’s such an exciting season, I love poppies and 3 out of 5 of them have started flowering today

Sweet William

Another post in my series of firsts. My sweet William, all grown from seed and I keep sowing more as I thought they were biennials but they keep flowering every year so don’t need replacing. 2 different types. I prefer the first ones

First lupin to flower

Lots of things to post about this week and in my series of posting when things first flower, today it’s the lupin. I have a purple one in another bed but it’s not as far advanced and often gets savaged by the aphids.

First Sweetpea to flower

I planted these sweet peas (grown from seed I have collected from previous years so not sure of the variety) late April. A bit early I guess but they were getting too big to stay in the greenhouse. I think it actually started flowering a couple of weeks ago but I’ve only just got round to taking pictures

Wordless Wednesday – clematis

Plastic free gardening

This is a much talked about subject and I would say at this stage a very unrealistic thing to achieve as there aren’t many viable alternatives but I’m happy to try new things. I would also like to say that I do reuse my plastic seed trays and pots until they fall apart. Anyway, today I have sown some seeds in fibre trays (as below).

I have followed the strict instructions which are that you water the compost before sowing your seeds and then cover with more compost. I never normally do it this way. I do have to say that the trays are already very wet and I’m sure how long before they disintegrate. Hopefully before I need to plant, this is different too, you tear the tray pots and plant the whole thing. Also, because you plant the tray it means that while it’s better for the environment it’s expensive because they can’t be reused but I’m happy to try it and see how I get on. I will update you when I have some news. I sowed some cosmos (a bit late I suppose but the last lot didn’t come up) and some wallflowers (rubies and pearls).

Wordless Wednesday – pasque flower seed heads

First Clematis of the season

Just a little blog with the first of clematis to flower this season. The white one is actually a rescue plant and this is the first flowering season. I love the large white flowers

Uncle Tom tulips

On the way back to our hotel from Keukenhof gardens last week we stopped off at a bulb stall and I bought some Uncle Tom tulips – they are darkish red doubles (picture below). I was told to plant them when we got home and they would flower in about 6 weeks. I got round to it today and although there were supposed to be 10 there was only 9 and some were mouldy. I’ve planted them and hope they come up in June!