My passion in life is gardening and specifically growing flowers from seed

Month: March, 2019

First tulip to flower this season

It was lovely to have the time yesterday to get some gardening done and see how things are progressing. I potted on my sweet peas that I sowed in October and are now about 1 feet high, weeded, cut the lawn edges and planted out an alstroemeria from the greenhouse. I hadn’t realised it was a hardy plant so doesn’t need the greenhouse space it was taking up and if it dies I have another exactly the same staying in the greenhouse for now.

I’ll leave you with a picture of my first tulip to flower this season. I love tulips and like to try different ones each year. I grow them in pots mainly but they don’t seem to last beyond 1-2 years.

Spring in my Cheshire garden

This is my favourite time of year when everything is growing, blossoming and the evenings are lighter longer every day but it’s not hot. I am not a fan of extremes of weather, whether hot or cold!

I have sweetpea and cosmos seeds coming up in the greenhouse and more to sow.

Here is what’s currently flowering/ blossoming in my garden. Including a forsythia, camellia and magnolia.

First daffodil to flower

This is daffodil Minnow and they have appeared in the last few days

March 2019 in my garden

Greetings from a dull day in my South Manchester garden in the UK! It has actually been unseasonably warm this week and I’ve been able to go out without my coat.

Every time I go outside something new is flowering or growing, it’s an exciting time for gardeners. So here are my pictures, I apologise for the tarpaulin in the picture of the tree, the summer house roof needs fixing and I don’t yet know how to edit my pictures so that it’s not in the shot. I want to learn this!