Funky vegetable seeds

For my birthday in February my lovely friend gave me a kit of ‘funky’ vegetable seeds and everything’s need to grow them. They were supposed to be started in April but I was trying to wait until the nights weren’t as cold as didn’t want to put them off growing before they started, however, I decided today was the day. Here is the box:

It included the following: seeds x5 although I’m only growing the ones I think we’ll eat, compost disks to be soaked in water before using, blank labels and coir pots

I’m growing tomatoes, carrots and courgettes. Once the compost disks are in water and have grown they look like this

You then break up the compost and put in your coir puts, sow the seeds and cover with more compost and of course label them. I’ll let you know I’m how I get on