My passion in life is gardening and specifically growing flowers from seed

Month: October, 2018


I have managed to get out into the garden on 3 occasions this last week which is more than most months lately. I’ve mostly been weeding, tidying and doing some planting. I have lots of spring bulbs to plant and while I love them I really don’t enjoy planting bulbs. I bought some wallflowers in a bag today – do they call it in the green? I’m not sure but they are harlequin king I think – orange, red and yellow. I really liked the pink ones but decided they wouldn’t go with the tete a tete already in the troughs. Here’s the finished troughs, the bulbs at the back are peacock orchids and haven’t flowered this year.

Wordless Wednesday- Michaelmas Daisy

Another beautiful Acer

Not many words today – just a loving red acer (I haven’t enhanced the colour at all – I don’t know how – just in case you thought it doesn’t look real)