My passion in life is gardening and specifically growing flowers from seed

Month: April, 2016

It’s not raining!

As I write this blog I can actually say it’s been dry all day so far with hardly a cloud in the sky, which certainly hasn’t been the case much here recently.

This morning I was gardening for my one customer – a neighbour across the road who struggles to bend down. I was tidying up and planting summer bulbs. This afternoon I have been sowing seeds in the greenhouse and spreading used coffee grounds around the garden. They are supposed to be good for the soul and I’m hoping might keep the neighbouring cat from messing on the ground! Here’s hoping…. 

My tulip bulbs in pots are mostly doing really well. One pot has some that look like they’ve been eaten! But anyway some pictures to finish. If anyone can please identify the daffodils I would be very grateful as I love them but don’t seem to have kept the label and would like to buy some more.


April in my garden

So as I sit in the garage and wait for my car to have her MOT and hopefully pass I thought I’d write a little blog.

Sadly I’ve not done much in the garden this week due to the weather. Although yesterday was a nice sunny spring day. I bought 3 little tomato plants this week. A beefmaster, 1 plum and 1 gardeners delight. They are in the porch for now as I’ve got white fly in the greenhouse. My neighbour says to grow basil or French marigolds in there to attract the white fly, so I might try that.

My first pot of tulips planted last year has started to flower. There is a picture below, however, I have no idea what they are called as although I carefully labelled all 5 pots the labels have completely faded and I can’t read them. Best laid plans is nice and men hey!

Lastly to finish some pictures of things currently in flower in my garden. Hope the pictures do them justice