My passion in life is gardening and specifically growing flowers from seed

Month: April, 2018

Wordless Wednesday

April update

There is so much currently flowering in the garden that I thought I’d do one big post.

Every time I go out something new has come out, our garden really comes into its own at the beginning of spring – bulbs, forget-me-nots, pasque flowers, trees blossoming, oh and the weeds. We have a theory there is a ‘weed of the year’ each year which outgrows the rest. I don’t really try and get aquatinted with weed names, just get them out when see them. This year is a white flowered spindly thing – quite petty actually! I may photograph it for you below!I have removed the winter insulation for the greenhouse this week as it’s been so warm. My free seeds from BBC gardeners world magazine are doing well but the others I dosed recently have not bothered to come up at all.

Here’s my pictures:

Lastly the picture of ‘weed of the year’. A little clump of last nights findings – they get everywhere

Magnolia trees

This first one isn’t actually ours but we have a lovely view of it from our back garden. It’s magnolia stilata. The second is ours! I’m not really a tree person but I love the blossom on these in my favourite colours in the garden – pink and white

First tulip, first anemone, first muscari and a new daffodil

Continuing in my challenge to post when things have just started flowering I have 4 pictures today. I think the garden is definitely behind in comparison to last year as my tulips where flowering away this time last year but my first one is only just out. I have a lovely bright yellow daffodil ‘Double Smile’ in a pot. Apparently they have a nice fragrance, so I must check next time I go near them. Also some muscari bulbs. Lastly an anemone, grown in a pot for the first time. Do let me know what is flowering in your garden right now

New flowers out in the garden

A couple of pots of daffodils have come into flower this weekend. The first is a new one I planted last year which is called Ice King

The second – minnow which is flowering for a second year

These pretty little blue flowers are Leadwort

Seed sowing

I’ve been seed sowing in the greenhouse this morning. In previous years I’ve usually completed this task earlier but due to late cold weather I’ve put it off til now. I’ve sown the following: Cosmos Dazzler, Zinnia Orange King and Sweet basil free with my bbc Gardener’s world magazine. Also Antirrhinum mixed and Foxglove ‘foxy mixed’. I usually sow cosmos and zinnia with great success and foxgloves too but the others are new to me. I will keep you posted on progress.

Camellia Debbie

Mum laughs when I call my camellia Debbie but that is the variety of camellia. I haven’t just decided to give it a name that’s easy to remember although that’s often tempting as I don’t speak Latin! Apologies for the bubble wrap in the picture but the plant lives in the greenhouse over winter and we bubble wrap it on the inside to keep it warm. It’s probably time to take it down soon