My passion in life is gardening and specifically growing flowers from seed

Month: June, 2016


As promised I said I would share the painting my friend Suky has done taking her inspiration from my garden. I think it’s amazing, well done Suky! 

Check out the full blog below, but here is the painting too:


June in my garden

So, this morning I did something I don’t do often.. and that is garden in the rain. Here in the north-west of England we’ve had more than our fair share of rain in the past week or so – fortunately we haven’t been flooded here but I know people who have. Anyway, I had some cosmos and agrostemma (corn-cockle) grown from seed in the greenhouse desperate to be planted out and as we’ve had so much rain I wasn’t sure I could wait until it stopped for me to do some gardening so I got out my special new garden wellies and out I went very quickly. I didn’t even water them in as, well the weather was doing that for me!

This afternoon, however, its dry so I guess I could have waited but I wasn’t to know! My garden is coming on really well at the moment with all this rain, with some things flowering and fading away too fast because of it, but its saved me watering the garden lately. My poppies have nearly all finished now, and lupins are fading fast too, not helped by the pesky aphids that I keep spraying but still keep coming. Don’t they understand they are just not welcome in my garden!

Last month I showed a picture of a bright pink shrub I named an azalea, however, it has since been pointed out to me it is in fact a rhododendron! Sorry about that.

This month flowering in my garden, are gorgeous white foxgloves, definitely one of my favourite colours in the garden (if white is considered a colour), a valerian which strictly speaking I moved to the front but is still in the place it came from and in the front garden! A dark red trailing pelargonium on the wall and my red lupin with a purple flower (I do have a purple lupin in a separate flower bed). Lastly my first dahlia to flower – mystic dreamer I think its called

Lastly, some exciting news. A lovely girl I know who blogs her paintings and poems is currently painting one of my garden pictures. If I like it and I’m sure I will, I will post it here when its complete. Watch this space….