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The only daffodils to flower in my garden this year

These tête-à-têtes are the only faithful daffodils to flower this year. A few others have come up but not started necessarily with buds but these have been in the trough for years and faithfully return every year. They really brighten up the garden.

Wordless Wednesday – spring trough

My garden on lockdown

Every time I look there seems to be another tree/bush/pot that is looking nice and wanting its picture taken and well I can’t refuse really can I so here’s my latest. If anyone can identify the white daffodils that would be great as I’ve had them years and didn’t keep the packet which is very unusual for me!

Snowy Mespilus

Some pictures from my garden – March 2020

I’m so glad of my garden right now and the enjoyment I get from it. I don’t want to think to read any more about this virus right now so am posting some pictures from my garden. As long as you want to see them I will likely be doing more of this as I’m home more. I apologise they aren’t great quality. One of my plans for this year is to learn how to better photos but I guess it might be a while off yet

First daffodil to flower

This is daffodil Minnow and they have appeared in the last few days