My passion in life is gardening and specifically growing flowers from seed

Month: November, 2018

Christmas rose

I have a stone hexagonal pot that has recently been vacated by a dahlia that refused to flower. I should also say that I inherited this pot from my maternal grandparents nearly 20 years ago and it’s the oldest in the garden but still in great condition. I went shopping for a plant for it earlier this week and couldn’t find anything suitable. Then yesterday I was leaving my job and my colleague brought me a Christmas rose and it looks lovely in the pot. I have numerous hellebores (another name for the Christmas rose) around the garden but a lot of them get diseased and it spreads between them so hopefully being in a pot will stop this. Here it is planted up this afternoon


Greetings from a dull, but fairly mild day in my garden.

On Monday I joined a gardens hour chat on twitter and we were asked to say hi and one word to describe our gardening weeks. I said quiet but actually now it would be leaves. They are everywhere and I’m about to dress in my gardening clothes to brush some up. We don’t do leave mould as it doesn’t work for us, they just get all slimy in a bag. Maybe I’m doing something wrong. Anyway, this tree is looking great at the moment but I’m not looking forward to clearing up after it

Wordless Wednesday- cut flower

Winter planting

Greetings on a cold but dry day from my garden in northwest England.

I have almost finished tidying the garden if that’s ever possible. I guess I just have to decide when to stop.

I have finished my tulip planting today (pictures of bulbs below) and this year have also planted pansies in some of the pots. I realise that the tulips this year are nearly all pale – not intentional.