My passion in life is gardening and specifically growing flowers from seed

Month: October, 2017

Bulb planting 

I love spring bulbs especially tulips and daffodils and like to have them in pots so I can bring them to the front when flowering and hide them away afterwards. In the past few years I’ve bought about 5 or so bags of new tulips each year and planted them in pots but with little repeated   flowering the following year. I have noticed, however, that daffodils seem to be ok in pots. So I have bought 3 bags of the ones below and potted them in bulb fibre with some grit in the hope they will do better for the improved growing medium. 

I was about to plant the below anemones but having my pot ready I noticed they must be soaked overnight first so that will gave to be done another day.

I will likely post next spring when they are flowering.

I have nearly completed all my winter preparations in the garden now, just a few more annuals to remove, home made compost to spread and greenhouse to fill once it’s insulated. 

Wordless Wednesday – Callicarpa

Tidying up…

I thought I’d start with something amusing. Last weekend we were forecast stormy but warm weather as part of Storm Ophelia. So I got in my car to come home after church on Sunday and it said ‘warning there may be ice on the road’ and showed -1 degrees. It was actually 18 degrees! Poor car. She was back to normal by evening. It has and is still is windy here but not as much as forecast. 

So back to gardening. I read a recent blog about laid back and extreme gardeners and I’m extreme apparently which means I like the garden to be tidy and if possible weed free for winter. I start the job of removing dead annuals, tidying up peranniel plants, compost spreading earlier every year and hardly ever get finished. This morning I was compost spreading from our own bin. We put all vegetable matter, coffee grounds, tea bags, shredded paper, dead plants into it. No weeds or rose cuttings, grass cuttings or hard wood. It looks pretty good but while the tea inside the bags rots down the bag itself doesn’t.

I have still to clean and insulate the greenhouse, treat my poor unhappy rose (diluted jeyes fluid after removing all leaves), finish tidying peranniels and more compost spreading and I’ll be ready for winter. I must add that as soon as it gets too cold I hibernate until it warms up, so it’s a race against the weather to get finished! Wish me luck.

Lastly I have a few things still in flower including a confused hellebore (should be flowering in February).

Alstroemeria that has been flowering for months

Michaelmas daisy rather late to the party and sometimes forgets to flower at all.

White scabious that I thought should be blue – doing well though!

Confused hellebore 

October colour in my garden 2017

So this month was slightly more challenging as I have been regularly posting pictures as part of the ‘Wordless Wednesday’ feature and I don’t like to post the same picture twice. However, I’ve found a few things. We start with my little owl planter whose recently had his eye glued back and a new plant for winter. 

A new penstemon I planted this summer which is flowering for the second time and is such a pretty colour 

Finally a tender Fuschia who spends winter in the greenhouse.