Bulb planting 

by Wendy Syddall

I love spring bulbs especially tulips and daffodils and like to have them in pots so I can bring them to the front when flowering and hide them away afterwards. In the past few years I’ve bought about 5 or so bags of new tulips each year and planted them in pots but with little repeated   flowering the following year. I have noticed, however, that daffodils seem to be ok in pots. So I have bought 3 bags of the ones below and potted them in bulb fibre with some grit in the hope they will do better for the improved growing medium. 

I was about to plant the below anemones but having my pot ready I noticed they must be soaked overnight first so that will gave to be done another day.

I will likely post next spring when they are flowering.

I have nearly completed all my winter preparations in the garden now, just a few more annuals to remove, home made compost to spread and greenhouse to fill once it’s insulated.