White flowers 

by Wendy Syddall

My favourite colour of blossom or flower in the garden has got to be white. Although I’m sure some would say it’s not a colour. I have several plants and a tree currently flowering in white. I can’t name the daffodils sadly as there is no proper name on the label I kept! I also found a label for done gorgeous white tulips which didn’t flower last year or come up at all this time. 

Here they are: the magnolia featured in the last blog but it has improved since then and deserves another picture I think! Also pictured below is a dicentra (white bleeding heart), such a beautiful flower. I did have a pink one in the same flower bed but it’s disappeared this year!

Update – May 2017 another white flowered plant – Spirea Van Houti (probably spelt wrong) I have white foxgloves in the greenhouse too but as I sowed them as seeds it’ll be next year before they flower being biennials