April showers 

by Wendy Syddall

So yesterday I watered some of the garden and today while I write this blog it’s chucking it down with my washing outside and no I don’t want to bring it in as I’ll get soaked!

I have finally potted on my sweet peas although according to BBC gardeners world I should be planting them outside about now, which is fine but according to the weather forecast it could be cold at night so I think they are safer in the greenhouse for now, I have 30 little plants and I only really wanted about 10 but I couldn’t decide between pink or white so I bought them both! My seeds are doing pretty well – lots of cornflower, creamy yellow cosmos and zinnia have come up but so far no primrose, sweet William or white foxgloves. I think the latter may have been washed away. Such small seeds and I watered one day without the thing on the end of my watering can.

Last pictures of tulips today and I promise not to bore you anymore. They didn’t do as well as the expected sadly and I will be putting a numbe for pots worth into the ground shortly. The daffodils on pots continue to do well year after year so I will plant more of those next time. Also a picture of my wallflowers in pots and they smell lovely!