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Wordless Wednesday- first sweetpea to flower 2021

Summer review 2020

I hope this isn’t the end of summer just yet but I wanted to write a little review of my successes and failures in the garden this summer. I was on furlough from my job from mid March to the 1st June and luckily we had lovely sunny weather meaning I could spend more time gardening. This meant that I sowed more seeds and kept the garden as tidy as I could. There still seem to be a lot of gaps and we have extended a bit of border at the front which now need filling. I’ve taken some cuttings and hopefully they’ll be successful.

I grew sweetpeas from seed again as usual, 3 lots this time. 1 set in my propagater (these I collected from previous years), some container ones in the greenhouse and some in a pot as they were a present from a friend as a kit. The latter ones finished first but were very pretty. The others have been very successful, albeit with a little lull but have got going again quickly. I haven’t brought them in this year but try to keep on top of dead heading and so they keep flowering.

I sowed a cut flower called Daucus which is part of the carrot family, very easy to grow and although they need staking have flowered happily for months and continue to do so.

Every year I also sow cosmos and they come up easily and are very healthy plants however I think they are little divas in the plant world as they will flower only if they want and no amount of feed or nice compost, or even talking to will persuade them. I did some containers with them and other things and they are still not flowering even now. I have one plant that’s flowered for a few months and a couple with buds that only appeared in the last week. As much as I love them I have decided next year I will buy plants from the garden centre as they just aren’t worth all the effort.

I also grew some zinnia which are supposed to be purple but everyone is pink! They are good healthy plants and have flowered really well.

I also sowed some mini scented lupins, very easy to grow but all of them got ravished by the slugs and snails and never got near flowering

My long border has done well and I’ve added quite a few things to it, bergamot, heleniums and geraniums. The aim being a cottage garden style border full with no space for weeds

Wordless Wednesday- Daucas

Wordless Wednesday- flowers from our garden

Roses and calicarpa

Wordless Wednesday- sweetpeas

Castle Mey grown from seed in February


They’ve quickly become one of my favourite summer flowers. I should probably say cut flowers but actually I don’t bring them in much. I love them on the plant where I can get my daily fix of the amazing scent.

White ones in the back garden, some in a container and some in the garden. Pinky/purple in the front, some in the garden and some in a pot. In general the ones in pots are doing better.


Sorry not to have posted for a while, but in this season I am out in the garden every dry moment I can. There is always something to be done, weeding, deadheading, planting, moving of plants and watering. Oh and when all that is done admiring and planning for next season and year! A gardeners work is never done, but I love it.

Last weekend, we went to Arley Hall garden festival, its usually on for 2 days at the end of June and is a chance to buy lots of lovely plants at cheap prices, it also has a lovely flower marquee and some school show gardens. Its a great place to go just for the cheap plants. I bought 8 cottage garden types for less than £30 this year and have 1 left to plant. Among other things I bought a lovely lilac coloured tall delphinium, white with purple splashed geranium and a white and pink penstamen (still to be planted).

This weekend just gone Mum and I went to see some private local gardens that opened in aid of Wilmslow Wells for Africa. These again were lovely, we saw 2 of people we knew and 3 others. 1 was very long and thin full of colourful flowers, trees and bushes. Another had a huge wild flower meadow. I came away, wondering what we have to do to be able to open our garden for this charity. Apart from the obvious weeding and covering up bare patches of soil.

I have also recently started gardening for an elderly neighbour when I can fit it in. I am mostly weeding and tidying up and there is plenty to be done.

I will leave you this time with a picture of my first small vase of cut flowers. These are sweet peas grown from seed and in my garden. They smell amazing and I will definitely be sowing more next year.

sweet peas