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Spring bulbs 2022

First tulips of 2022 in my garden

Golden Appledoorm

Wordless Wednesday – spring trough

Wordless Wednesday- Golden Apeldoorn


These are the tulips I have planted this year in pots/troughs with wallflowers that I grew from seed and pansies not grown from seed.

I like to try different tulips each year and like them in pots because in the ground apart from the fact they are likely to rot with clay soil and a lot of rain it means I don’t end up digging up them up when I’ve forgotten where they are.


Here is a finished trough

Wordless Wednesday – more tulips

Today’s tulips

Hoping I’m not bombarding you with blogs but I have more time. Can’t imagine why! I think they are more tulip foxtrot but they don’t look much like the packet!

Early April in my garden

I’m just dropping in today to show what’s currently flowering in my garden. It’s different every day at the moment and I love this season where everything is hopefully coming up after the winter rest. It’s mostly been a bit too cold for me to much gardening lately but today I managed a stint. I planted a new delphinium King Arthur which is bright purple I think and a bright pink geranium but not together. I also sowed some seeds in the greenhouse and am attempting to grow roses from cuttings I’d cut flowers that I gave mum for Mother’s Day. Might not work but I’m having a go anyway. I’ve noticed that we’ve had little rain (no complaints – we’ve had a very wet winter) here for a few days so I’ve had to start watering the new plants and containers. So here’s my pictures of what’s currently flowering in the back garden.

Fritillary flowers
Lonely little tulip in the garden, I’m not not sure the variety but every year I buy new tulips for pots and the ones that haven’t performed well get planted in the garden so I think this is one of those!
New scabious planted out last week

First tulips to flower in 2020

Tulip Foxtrot

Uncle Tom tulips

On the way back to our hotel from Keukenhof gardens last week we stopped off at a bulb stall and I bought some Uncle Tom tulips – they are darkish red doubles (picture below). I was told to plant them when we got home and they would flower in about 6 weeks. I got round to it today and although there were supposed to be 10 there was only 9 and some were mouldy. I’ve planted them and hope they come up in June!