Spring is on its way

by Wendy Syddall

Winter is my least favourite season as I can’t get into the garden much and nothing looks very alive. I do have some new warmer gloves to keep my hands warm, but now need something for knees and feet!

However, in the last few days I have noticed my hellebores are starting to flower so I have cut away the old leaves. Also my bulbs especially the ones in pots are coming up. I planted some new white tulips and daffodils last year by the front door and some miniature yellow daffodils in my wooden wheelbarrow and other pots.

I am also thinking about what I want to plant for the summer and have bought some new seeds today, lovely blue cornflowers, stock for a gorgeous scent, these might be better in pots and 2 others which I can’t remember the names of.

I meant to say in my original blog that I garden on clay soil in the North West of England. We get quite a lot of rain and some flooding in the flower beds, however, I still find that I can grow a lot of my favourite flowers without trouble, However, I do always start my seeds off in trays in the greenhouse and don’t put them out until I think the frost has finished. I prefer bulbs in pots so they don’t rot and also it  doesn’t mean I am digging them up when I think I have found a bare patch of soil.

That’s all for now. Any questions are welcome. I hope you have enjoyed reading my blog.