November in my garden

by Wendy Syddall

So it’s November and warm enough still to be able to get into the garden to weed and tidy up. I’ve not done much in my garden for weeks although I have been helping to clear and tidy a patch of mums friends garden for the past few months on a nearly weekly basis.

As it’s not been too cold there is still quite a bit in flower in my garden. The first is an acer tree mum was given about 30 years ago by her father and for some years was growing well with a takeover mission on its part of the garden. Sadly its suffering from die back which is a disease and can be caught by other acers but still looks good  

Also in flower still is a penstemon called ‘strawberries and cream’ bought on the early summer and  flowering for a second time  

Lastly is a dogwood that may be moving home next year as it’s taking over more than its allocated space and other things can’t see the light.