July in my garden

by Wendy Syddall

It’s a lovely sunny day here today with blue sky. Although I have to say it was raining 2 hours ago on the washing! You just don’t know what weather you are getting next!

I sowed my wallflowers in the greenhouse yesterday and have Sweet William still to do, again, the last batch gave poor results so I’ve bought new seeds and I’ll try again.

The sweetpeas are giving off a lovely scent as I walk round the garden.

A few pictures of what’s currently flowering here this month, slightly spoilt for choice at the moment! All pictures from the front garden of the semi detached bought and mum and daddy a few years ago. The garden is quite a work in progress and is likely to change a bit this season as plants are added and moved about. 

First picture isn’t actually flowering but daddy brought a twig home from Madeira one year and it’s grown into this. It has purple flowers and is a Tradescantia I think.

These are 2 creamy cosmos I grew from seed, I was expecting them to be slightly taller and what have grown more I’ve I’d known. 

Hydrangea and astilbe

Crocosmia Lucifer bulbs, we have these on various places and the more we dig out the more they grow back 

Budlehia and Agrantheum ( daisy like flower probably spelt wrong)

Pink lynchis, self seeds a lot and often moves itself from where I planted it after 1 flowering! We have white ones too this year for the first time – self sworn again

Another hydrangea not as healthy as the first one above

Dianthus which lives in the greenhouse in the winter