by Wendy Syddall

So today we went to choose a new rose for the flower bed by the road. I asked daddy to dig a hole to see if we could get down deep enough last week and fortunately he was successful. When mum and daddy moved in here about 40 odd years ago there were about 100 roses but many were old or diseased and therefore dug out. I planted 3 new ones a few years ago and studied the catalogue hard picking a nice colour and good scent. Both very important in choosing a rose. I like roses of all colours but not purple or black or obviously altered colours if you know what I mean.

I enjoyed going round the garden centre smelling lots of roses this afternoon although I knew I wanted a pale pink colour and here is the one I eventually picked – Dorothy House. 

I fell in love with many and mum bought this one too – Midsummer, although I have no idea where it’s going as the space is limited!