Just noticed…

by Wendy Syddall

I haven’t spent much time in my own home garden for about 3 weeks now since my late grandparents house became empty and the garden needed seeing to and some house jobs too. This is nearly finished now and I managed to get 8 plants in this morning as it wasn’t raining (we’ve had torrential rain on and off here for a few days now) but the soil was sodden.

I have been leaving my garden stuff at the house to save me constantly transporting which is fine but I could have done with my garden wellies just now. We have plenty of everything else.

I decided to do a quick tidy up here as firstly it needed it to prepare for winter and I like to start early as I often don’t get finished and also we have been given weather warnings of severe gale force winds for tomorrow. Therefore I wanted to chop some things back to prevent wind rock.

As I was doing this I noticed a pretty pale pink Achillea in flower I wanted to show you.

Also a new Rose mum bought this summer has new buds on it

Lastly a bit different to normal but I’ve been doing a 7 day photography nature challenge on Facebook, each day posting a picture and nominating a friend to do the same. I’ve been challenging myself to post pictures I haven’t previously included on my blog. Here is today’s from my late grandparents garden: