Summer review 

by Wendy Syddall

Greenhouse seed sowing – cosmos and zinnia have flowered well.

The cornflowers have been mostly good but have faded quickly maybe due to lack of deadheading? Foxglove plants look good but won’t flower til next year. 

Sweetpeas bought as little plants from the greenhouse. The ones in pots grew very quickly but have quickly slowed down in flowering whereas the ones in the ground were slow to grow but are still flowering happily and have less mildew than container grown plants. I have a few pink flowers on plants which are supposed to be white, but that seems a common theme in my planting this year, see previous blog anomalies. There has also been mixed success with my wigwam support frames 


Bedding bought from garden centre – stocks have flowered once and died quickly. Antirhiumms flowered ok and eventually had a second flush. Dianthus are flowering a second time now

Peranniel plants – lupins flowered well to begin with but have quickly stopped and become covered in aphids, the 2 potentilla and knautia haven’t flowered as much as usual. The crocosmia lucifer flowered well but has already finished. The roses are all doing well. The hydrangeas are also flowering well and clematis too. The honeysuckle was beautiful with a lovely scent. The Rudbeckia is doing very well and is largely ignored as it grows very well without. The foxgloves from last year were very pretty and lasted well.

Fruit – we had 3 tasty cherries. A few stawberries and blueberries (a new plant) and a huge amount of raspberries – 12lbs to be precise. The tomatoes have tasted lovely but plants look slightly strange and are largely forgotten about. 

2 mini potatoes also came out of a strawberry container.

In general I think plants haven’t flowered as long this year maybe due to unusual weather conditions – warm early summer, but wet and sometimes cold just lately. I have been feeding the container plants, sweetpeas and some new plants fairly regularly. Do let me know your successes and failures.