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RHS Bridgewater, Manchester visit June 2022

This was probably my first garden visit since the beginning of the pandemic in 2020. Its a new garden and only 30 minutes from me and the most northerly RHS garden in this country so I have been eager to visit for a while. I’m not sure what I was expecting but I was very pleasantly surprised as I don’t think there was a part I didn’t like. I love cottagey garden long borders with lots of flowers and that’s a lot of what I saw yesterday. We also had the unique opportunity to see some of the only professionals in the world trimming a cloud bonsai tree with tiny scissors and being watched by several other staff. The garden isn’t finished yet and I’m sure if and when I go again it is likely to be different again as more areas currently in progress are finished and opened to the public. I took lots of pictures and here are some of them.

Apple Blossom

I wish I could tell you it smells nice but my sense of smell has evaded me as I currently have COVID- I hope it returns soon as I love growing scented plants in the garden and I would like to smell them!

First tulips of 2022 in my garden

Golden Appledoorm

The only daffodils to flower in my garden this year

These tête-à-têtes are the only faithful daffodils to flower this year. A few others have come up but not started necessarily with buds but these have been in the trough for years and faithfully return every year. They really brighten up the garden.


I’ve finally got round to planting up my new wheelbarrow from Christmas with some pretty primulas

Gardening Christmas presents 2021

My gardening Christmas presents this year. A Christmas rose plant and new wooden wheelbarrow to plant to replaces my broken one. Daddy made it from a kit for me and painted it so I just need to get some plants and get it planted up

First Dahlia to flower in 2021

Wordless Wednesday- lillies

Funky vegetable seeds

For my birthday in February my lovely friend gave me a kit of ‘funky’ vegetable seeds and everything’s need to grow them. They were supposed to be started in April but I was trying to wait until the nights weren’t as cold as didn’t want to put them off growing before they started, however, I decided today was the day. Here is the box:

It included the following: seeds x5 although I’m only growing the ones I think we’ll eat, compost disks to be soaked in water before using, blank labels and coir pots

I’m growing tomatoes, carrots and courgettes. Once the compost disks are in water and have grown they look like this

You then break up the compost and put in your coir puts, sow the seeds and cover with more compost and of course label them. I’ll let you know I’m how I get on

Wordless Wednesday – spring trough