Autumn in my garden 

by Wendy Syddall

This is one of the busiest seasons in my garden with lots of perennials to cut down and tidy up.

There is still quite a bit flowering including a couple of dahlias which are really a bit late but ‘better late than never’ as the saying goes.

Some pictures to finish

This first one is actually where my gardening began. At primary school (just a few years ago) we had to make a mini garden in a box for a competition I think. Anyway, I didn’t win but a patch that had been dug out of the ground and previously used for vegetables was given to me. We’ve tried lots of different things in thee with varying degrees of success but the heather and a few others have been there most of that time 


Next is a lovely pale peach hollyhock from the original Wonderland garden now rehomed  as the garden was built over  

A scabious grown from seed earlier this summer 

A lovely white Japanese anemone also originally from the Wonderland garden  

Lastly a lovely small hydrangea