by Wendy Syddall

Contrary to popular belief in my house I do actually like roses. When mum was younger she wanted a house with a rose garden and when they moved here over 40 years ago there were approx 100 roses in the garden. We probably only have about 5 of those left, many were old and past it and therefore dug out. When I started planning how to plant up a new garden bed I decided I wanted to plant a couple of roses I it, there hasn’t been any before so I should be OK. You have to be careful planting roses in the same spot as a previous one as it could get diseased.

Anyway I bought one after the Tatton Park flower show and also got a catalogue for other roses at this specialist garden centre. I went through it with my marker pen selecting any that were any shade of  pink, red or white, that stated a good fragrance and disease resistant. This week, probably a bit late in the season we returned to the garden centre to look and smell the ones I had selected and purchase 2. In hind sight it’s best not to wait until the end of the season for this as many didn’t have any flowers left. However, I selected  two, one called ‘Cranford’ which is pink with a lovely fragrance but sadly no flowers left. This was planted this morning and one called ‘hot chocolate’, with orangey red flowers and amazing fragrance not of chocolate I have to add! This is the first picture.

Here are some pictures of roses still in flower in October in my garden


The picture above is nostalgia the rose I bought after tatton park flower show   

Incidentally with all the strange weather we’ve had lately one of my poppies has got confused and there is a new bud on it, be interesting to see if it flowers. I’ve never seen this happen before.