July in my garden

by Wendy Syddall

So finally I get round to getting some pictures of whats currently flowering in my garden and actually I have quite a good choice so what I post this time is only a selection as I need to save some in case there is nothing new for next month.

I have just planted out some little pink dianthus although the garden is so wet, but I bought them on Saturday and I don’t think they would understand if I tried to explain why they haven’t yet been planted so I’ve done it quickly and I’m sure its about to rain again any minute. I have also sown some white foxgloves in the greenhouse, the tiniest seeds I’ve ever seen so I imagine they will all grow in one compartment of the seed tray as I couldn’t easily separate them out.

Last week I was watching RHS Hampton Court on TV and I would love to go one day, I loved a lot of the gardens but ‘concept’ gardens just aren’t for me. If they have to be explained then I just don’t see the point. I am hoping to go the Tatton Park flower show next week weather permitting and if so I will likely post my pictures.

So I leave you with a selection of flowers in garden at the moment, including 2 beautiful climbing roses which get better every year. The pink one also smells lovely wheras the red one, definitely my favourite sadly has no scent at all. Also a lovely bright pink penstamen and some yellow lilies and the end of the red lilies.