by Wendy Syddall

If you’ve been following my blog for a while you will know that I have grown sweet peas from seed again this year and rather than plant them in containers have planted them direct into the ground. Well, they haven’t really taken to the large canes they were given to grow up preferring to grow up any nearby plant – delphiniums or whatever else is to hand. I keep reattaching to the canes as I don’t want my other plans strangling! I think next year I will give them a proper structure to grow up – I didn’t really think I had space on the flower beds this year but I will find some.

Anyway, I am pleased to report they are now flowering and smell amazing. I have included a picture, it’s only a shame you can’t smell them through the Internet too! The paler purple plant is the said delphinium they are trying to grow up. It’s very pretty too.