Original wonderland garden 

by Wendy Syddall

So you all know the name of my blog is Wendys Wonderland Garden, did you ever wonder where the name came from? No, well I’ll tell you anyway.

I recently found a picture of the original Wonderland garden, it was between the front doors of our house and the semi next door. It has sadly been built over now and the plants redistributed across the garden although some are still in pots. It was a secluded area, with a big lilac at the end and a bit of a secret garden probably why I named it a Wonderland garden. When it got built over and I started the blog I just liked the name beginning with W like my name and it’s stuck. The blog though includes the whole of the gardens (2 front and 2 back) as we later bought the aforementioned semi and built a porch (to connect the 2 houses ) over my precious garden where I worked hard to make it nice. There were hellebores, a hosta, penstamen, poppies, an echinacea that didn’t survive the move, bleeding hearts, astrantia, Michaelmais daisy and a few other things. Here are the pictures. I still have the poppy although it’s changed colour now and the last picture is the poppy earlier this year flowering. So there you there, just in case you wondered!

The poppy as it is now. Funny how the colour has changed but I’m sure it’s the same one – Pattys Plum I think.