Back garden

by Wendy Syddall

Following on from a couple of different posts I thought I would do a post specifically showing plants from the back garden (original house). It is pretty small and has 3 sheds including one dedicated to garden tools and other garden related stuff, also a summer house which is hardly used now but does feature on one picture. It’s basically 2 raised beds either side of the summer house with mostly trees and bushes on one side including my cherry tree – it has 2 fruits so far this year and they aren’t ripe enough for harvesting so I hold the birds don’t get there first! The other side is mostly flowers and I do feature them occasionally in the blog. We have about 10 pots with lilies, acers, 2 tiny roses – they get smaller every year and a few other things. There is a double skinned wall by the house with 2 roses with their roots in the drain I think. So here are my pictures: 

2 different Clematis 

Potentilla with rose like red and yellow flowers if it flowers this year


White sweetpeas


Hemerocallis (I think)

Dianthus – new this year 

2 Penstemons

Red lily 

Yellow lily