Late June update

by Wendy Syddall

Greetings from my very hot (30 degrees today) dry garden in South Manchester, where the skies are blue, the ground cracking with how dry it is and the water butts completely empty! We are watering with a hose pipe every other day but I’m so looking forward to rain soon. It’s been dry about 4 weeks now. I remember hot summers like this as a child where my normally brunette hair would go blonde! I know everyone says summer was hotter when they were younger but they really were at least til I was about 14!

I haven’t done much in the garden lately except weed – I’m not sure how they are still growing and tidy up! I have plans to dig over and improve some areas when the soil can be dug again!

I do, however, have lots in flower at the moment. It’s a good year for roses and even the new one I planted last year that looked so unhappy last autumn has a flower (see below). The sweetpeas are scrambling up the wigwams and smelling lovely.

So here’s a selection to of what’s flowering currently including the new delphinium I bought at Chatsworth flower show which is white as I’d hoped and patiently waiting to be planted. Maybe tonight!