June update

by Wendy Syddall

Greetings from a warm and dry garden in south Manchester. Contrary to popular believe it doesn’t always rain here, in fact we need the rain now as it’s been dry for nearly 10 days and despite all the water we collect in water butts we have nearly run out.

June is a month where there is something different to see every time you go outside. My sweet peas have just started flowering although they aren’t as tall as I expected nor even the colours I expected. My first lily is flowering today as well. I notice that some things are still a bit slow to grow and I’ve dug up a few things thinking they are dead only to see the green shoots are underground and had to replant them again. Some roses are flowering brilliantly, while others have no buds. The same for my poppies too.

Here are some pictures of what is currently flowering, including sweet William and white foxgloves that i grew from seed.